Thursday, May 5, 2011

The NORRA Mexican 1000......7am Start time.

So i've decided to run the actual Mexican 1000 course,last minute thing,but thats just how I un-plan my life these days.It always seems to work out the less that I plan.
I met some really great people at this pre-race event so far,and one i particular,Bob Land,has really been a huge help to me.
He's campaigning a Jeep in this event,so he let me put my two panniers off the bike in one of his two chase trucks.
It's as stripped down as I can make it,as the less weight I have,the better.A lot of the course runs on paved road,but there's a few sections that are off road,with washes and silt bed to contend with.
I also realized after I decided to do the course,that my GPS is not Mexico cmpatible,since I haven't bothered to download the updates,but I will have the drivers route maps should I need them.
So this will be my last post until I get back up from the finish in La Paz on the 7th of Ma,since my laptop is going in the chase truck also.I will have my cell phone and will try to post updates on Facebook for sure.

This being my first time in Baja,i'm like a kid in a candy store,not only because i'm here,but being here at such a fun and historic rally down the peninsula is just priceless.
I'll get two or three hours of sleep now,then up at 4:30am to get the bike ready for the 7am start.

See you in La Paz.......


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Charlie6 said...

Murph, hope you have a great time!

How many other big GS bikes are participating?


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