Friday, June 24, 2011

TRWB and The New Project Takes Shape....

I have had quite a lot going on these last few weeks,all good,but this new upcoming project with Team Red,White and Blue is starting to take center stage for me,so between moving my Mum and starting the trip up to Boulder CO with her from Fl,i've had to let the blog breathe a bit while i'm getting stuff packed up here,and also get a little space here in order for this event to get the attention and support that it needs and deserves.

Team Red,White and Blue,founded by Mike Erwin a little over a year ago,is a non-profit organization,dedicated to hands on help and advocacy  to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families.They aim to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard.

More on who TRWB are and what they do:

More about what TRWB do is here also.

In the next few months leading up to the 10th anniversary of Sept 11th,I will be involved with TRWB as a photographer for one of three events that they are coordinating,one in NYC,one in DC and the one I will be documenting and photographing in Shanksville PA.
Mandy Miller,friend and ultra-runner and co-race director and founder Mike Erwin came up with the idea of the events,and I was chosen to be one of the three photographers to document them.I couldn't be more honored to be chosen.
Photo ©TRWB

My services for this event are entirely on a voluntary basis,
although Mandy will be holding a small fundraiser for the TRWB events to raise some monies to defray the costs related to staging the 3 runs and also some of my fuel and food costs getting to and from the event,as I will be over in Bonneville photographing at Speedweek and the BUB Motorcycle Speedtrials in August,so it's about a 2,000 mile ride each way.Thanks Mandy for that,I appreciate it very much.
I also hope to have fellow motorcyclists who would like to join me for 10 miles or 100 miles or more along the route I take to PA,which I will post up in the next post.Anyone who wishes to join me for some  or most of my ride is encouraged to do so.

While TRWB does engage in some fundraising,it is not the organization's prime mission which is instead,a dedication to leveraging the volunteer spirit and service of those in communities who want to help,and it is in that spirit that I will be working.

This event is important for me,very important,as just last November I remember speaking with Mandy about my travels,and mentioning that I wanted my trip to have more of a purpose instead of being just "another" guy,on a motorcycle,with a camera,taking pictures of blue skies and stuff.
I was starting to feel a little selfish I guess,because it really didn't feel like it was giving anything back.
This event changes that,now I feel I can do some good and in my own way give back,to TRWB and what they stand for,but most especially for WHO they stand for,all the men and women who have and still are answering the call,the "Call To Arms".

Regardless of your political leanings,the fact still remains that they are STILL out there,and are still serving all of us,in or out of uniform.


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