Friday, June 10, 2011

So Now Where To?......

...has been asked of me lately,but having been caught up in Fl with all that goes along with moving me Mum,it's actually been a very cathartic time,and still is.Cleaning out "stuff" just gets you so much more space....
NORRA and Baja still are ever present as I still find many images that have still not been published.....
The 16th century Mission Church in San Ignacio.

More time in this little town would have been preferred.

The mission was founded in 1728 by the Jesuit missionary Juan Bautista de Luyando,and was constructed by the Dominican missionary Juan Gomez in 1786.
My late uncle John,one of two of my fathers brothers,was a Jesuit priest in Argentina for many years from an early age,15 I believe,for when the Jesuits came to Ireland to recruit for missionaries for South America in the twenties,abject poverty and a brutal life on the farm there gave him no other choice but to follow that vocation.

The Mission San Ignacio was abandoned in 1840,but today stands largely in it's original condition thanks to a 1976 restoration,and is used by the local community for masses,weddings,funerals and daily worship.
The church's elaborate facade,with it's engraved stone plaques and plaster ornamentation make it one of Baja's most impressive mission churches.

And speaking of NORRA,whilst having a conversation with Mike Pearlman on KCBQ Talk Radio last Sunday and again on Tuesday,I was informed by Mike that I now have an official NORRA photog badge,so thanks Mike for that.
He also sent me some images of his Dads(Ed)original 1961 column shift FJ 40,which was brought down to Ensenada in Baja California to the famous HorsePower Ranch.
In fact,it's probably THE first V-8 conversion of a Land Cruiser.
I'll have them up next week with a helluva story from Mike also.

Another announcement I would like to share with you is still in the beginning stages of getting a flight plan on paper,but through my friend Mandy Miller,who is the race director for the events,I have been selected to be one of three photographers for the three Sept 11th 10yr anniversary events that Team Red,White and Blue are doing this year.
One is in NYC,the second in Washington DC,and the third run is in Shanksville PA,which is the event that I will be photographing.The run also coincides with the dedication of a new Memorial there.
For this I feel honored to be a part of something historic.
In the coming weeks I will be setting a route on here for all to see,as I intend to try to organize a "Ride Along" for those motorcyclists who wish to join me as I travel from Wendover UT to Shanksville PA.I will be posting more on my Facebook page as it develops.



David and Jill said...

Hi Murph, glad to hear all is going well. Flew home from Panama to UK 12th June. Feel very dazed. Twas good to hear from you-will stay in touch. J&D

Brady said...

Looking good man. I envy where you are - though not too much. I've got my own adventures planned for this summer. This blog inspires me to take pictures of all of it.

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