Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out 'n about in Boulder.........then it's time for BUB.

So while Mum adjusts to her new surroundings,climate and upcoming seasons(what a novelty),i'm getting ready to head over to Wendover UT for the 2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials.

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Last years BUB was hot,very hot,but a great event nonetheless,and I have a suspicion that this year there'll be quite a few Motorcycle World Land Speed records broken.
Rocky Robinson and the Ack Attack team couldn't reach the 400mph mark,even though the Ack Attack Streamliner did take the world record from Dennis Manning,and could have easily made it,it was geared for over  400mph according to Rocky,but he couldn't get it out of 4th gear and into 5th or 6th.So thats one record that whoever gets it will be the first to do so.I'll be arriving at Bonneville Speedway next Monday or Tuesday,get my campspot set up,then out to see old friends and set up.
I've got much more gear this year,last year I just had a D90 and a Flip video camera.This year i'm bringing in the heavy artillery....

Meanwhile the road trip was a roaring success,with both of us wishing it didn't have to end.I highly recommend it.
Arriving at Mum's new apartment on the Hill in Boulder was a bit of an anti-climax,soon brushed aside as the unpacking of the container of furniture and assorted items took over.
I think another road trip with Mum is in order soon,she just had waaay to much of a good time,and hey,if you're not going to do it for your Mum,then who,right?.
"If not now,then when,If not me,then who?"......Words to live by.

Mum's Road Trip Stats:
All told we travelled 4,790 miles from Fort Lauderdale FL to Boulder CO in about 10 days,going through:
New Mexico
California(nations worst drivers)

Mum saw more wonderful scenery in the 10 day road trip then she's seen in the last 10 years that she's been in the U.S.
She also to her credit never,never took a nap throughout the whole trip.Riding shotgun is usually boring,but she was so amazed and in awe at what an amazingly beautiful country we have here in the U.S A. that she didn't dare close here eyes(her own words).
It's something I wanted to do for her and was hoping she would like and turns out she loved it.She asked me can she come on my next road trip !!.
And she's already tried to throw her leg up on the bike,it's just a little high for her.I'll figure out something Mum,don't worry.
Next up:Mum's 2012 Motorcycle Road Trip.

Back in Boulder there's a decidedly summer feel to the town,with colorful markets,colorful street fairs and colorful people out in force before the approach of winter.

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So this is the rough route to go east for the TRWB Sept 11th Memorial Run.
As of the writing of this blog entry,I may be shooting in NYC and not Shanksville PA,i'm not sure yet.
From the correspondence i've recieved from Mandy Miller and Mike Erwin,I had no idea that it is so logistically complicated to put an event like this on.The insurance required for the Shanksville run is about $8000.And these runs are being organized by people with full-time careers too.

So while it's being worked out,please go to the TRWB Website and show your appreciation and support of what Mike Erwin and all who are involved in these historic events are doing.

This is a fundraiser that Mandy Miller is putting on at the Parrot Lounge in Fort Lauderdale,a favorite watering hole of mine in my imbibing days.
Tim,the owner is always a good host for all sorts of events there.

I would sincerely request all who can attend to do so and show Mandy and Team Red White and Blue your support.


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