Sunday, August 21, 2011

Team Red White and Blue,9-11 Memorial Run Update.

Initially I was supposed to ride to Shanksville after the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in Bonneville to photograph one of 3 Team Red,White and Blue's 9-11 Memorial Run,but after discussion with Mandy Miller(event coordinator) and Mike Erwin it now turns out i'll be photographing the TRWB run at Liberty State Park in Jersey City,NJ.
Starting Saturday evening,Sept 10th,Mike Irwin and 9 other runners will be leaving the West Point Cemetery,running through the night and arriving at Liberty State Park at 8am,Sept 11th.

More information on this event  here.

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Next Saturday August 27th,TRWB's event coordinator Mandy Miller is hosting a benefit at The Parrot in on Fort Lauderdale beach.
From the TRWB letter:

Team Red, White and Blue is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to support the reintegration of wounded veterans following their medical retirement from the military. We are a grass roots organization that believes wounded veteran reintegration will only occur on a large scale when the American people support wounded veterans and their families in a personal way---right in the communities where they live. Team RWB is devoted to providing hands’ on care and advocacy for our returning wounded veterans and their families to make sure their needs do not slip through the cracks after their active service to our country is over. Team RWB members are both military and civilian, professional athletes and weekend warriors, who use their feet to spread the word – we use ultrarunning as a way to raise awareness of Team TRW’s work.

On September 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of 9-11, Team RWB is staging 3 simultaneous ultra runs and relays to mark the day and honor the fallen. I am the race director for the event in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the site for the downing of Flight 93. Team RWB members and citizens will run or walk in memory of the 40 lost souls on Flight 93. 40 kilometers for 40 heroes, or 40 steps, the distance is not the point, the respect that must be shown for those who fought back. Lost they were but their efforts averted further disaster and in doing so they launched the first counter attack on terrorism and extremism.

On August 27, 2011, Team RWB is hosting a benefit at the world famous Parrot on Fort Lauderdale Beach to raise funds for team RWB’s work. We would be honored if you would consider sponsoring us with either a financial contribution or an item for our raffle. 100% of all net proceeds raised will go towards helping wounded military personnel and their families.

This is an important event,for TRWB,Mandy and also myself as I am now the official TRWB photographer for the New York run,and if I could be at the fundraiser,I would,so i'm asking that all my Florida friends reading this will attend and show their support for TRWB,Mandy and all her efforts and the people that these events are made to honor.
So please,please please show your support and show up and/or donate,I would really appreciate it and consider it a personal favor.
This TRWB event and photoshoot is an entirely volunteer position for me,Mandy and TRWB asked and I accepted,I could not be more honored to be part of this.
But it's going to cost me a set of tires($425)and approx. $500 in gas money there and back,(approx 5000 miles round trip).If Mandy has some left over money from the fundraiser,she has offered to try to offset my costs by donating a set of tires or some gas money,so by showing up and supporting the TRWB fundraiser,you will also be helping me out big time.

Since I lived in NYC for 12 years when I first came over from Ireland in the late 70's,it has a very personal meaning for me too.
It's been a while since I went down to Chinatown,hung out at CBGB's(no more)bought fish at Fulton Fish Markets,my weekend job at the flea market beside Tower Records on Broadway selling leather belts,many many memories,all good.I worked on the USS Intrepid for a few years back in the days when I had my Longshoreman's card.
I had a great apartment on the third floor on the corner of Houston and Mott,original wood floors,right around the corner from Dean & Deluca.
I loved New York then,and I still love it now.I don't think I could live there now that i've been out of it for so long,but it still a great town to visit.
The gym I worked at on the corner of Broadway and Houston in the Cable Building,so called as thats where they used to repair the old cable cars in the city,is now a Crate & Barrel.
See you in a few weeks New York,keep a light on for me.

I leave you with some stunning skyscapes I shot over the last three days here in Boulder CO.

Looking west toward Chautauqua and the Flatirons.
Nikon D3s,24-70 @ 70mm,ISO 280,f/9,1/8000 sec.

6:45am,looking east toward Denver.
Nikon D3s,24-70 2.8 @ 40mm,ISO 250,f/9,1/500.

7:30am,looking NW of Denver.
Nikon D3s,24-70 2.8 @ 40mm,ISO 250,f/9,1/500.


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