Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 BUB MOTORCYCLE SPEED TRIALS..........reflections.

Over for another successful year,the 2011 Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB was a tremendous event,made possible by many people,volunteers,staff,BUB officials,the brainchild of BUB himself,Dennis Manning,and the racers who come from far and wide to pay the entry fee for the privilege of running their motorcycles on the Bonneville Salt Flats,a dry lake bed from thousands of years ago,as fast as they possibly can.

I ride out for New York City tomorrow(Monday 5th Sept)in order to photograph Team Red,White and Blue's NYC Memorial Run.
So before I go,I wanted to put up some more images of the BUB event for those who may not have seen them,or who were not lucky enough to be there in person.

Rex,Tower Control.

Tom Burkland,Tower Control.

"TR",Keeper of The Salt.

There were two bikes that for me were my favorites of the 2011 BUB meet this year.Jim Moshers twin engine Indian is one.
This bike has to be seen in person to fully appreciate the quality of construction and design that went into producing it.

And for that "awwww" moment,this is Jims dog "Scout" when she was a pup.

This was the other bike,which was the #1 bike of the meet for me.
Sgt.Robert. M. Bennett,A Company,3rd Battalion,39th Infantry,9th Infantry Div, built this bike to commemorate and memorialize the men of his company who never made it back home.

The names of the soldiers who didn't make it back will go along with Sgt.Bennett when he get's to run at 200mph,the goal of the bike.
It's a very powerful piece,made all the more intense in the interview I did with him when we sat down to talk about the bike.Due to this fact,I have decided not to post up the video just yet until Sgt.Bennett sees it and agrees  to let it be published.It is without doubt an incredibly personal interview,a look inside a mans soul of the pain and grief that he and many like him still carry to this day,many years later,and to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude to.

 Set-up for the 2011 BUB.

 Dave,James and I went up to one of the peaks overlooking the course to set up the repeaters for the radio communications.

For those who have never been to a Land Speed event out here on the Bonneville Salt Flats,this is a Drag,towed behind a vehicle and used to "drag" or "smooth" the salt or course that the racers race on.It's basically 5 I-beams welded together,and when dragged along will either cut or smooth out the rough course.

I'm signing out now,I have some packing to do for NYC.
Thank you to all for the continued support,especially to Joe Amo and Garth Graham for their generous contributions for,as they both put it the same way,"Blog and Facebook coverage and entertainment".
Joe Amo used to own,so he knows how much work goes into event coverage like this.
For those wishing to buy prints,I will have my SmugMug account straightened out for this shortly.

My next blog/Facebook update will be en-route to NYC.

Until then......

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