Sunday, July 22, 2012


Starting today, Sunday, July 22, and open or running until Midnight on Thursday, July 26th, I would like to try to find out a little more about you, the readers, who come here and log on to my blog, so today I'm kicking off a survey of sorts.
I have an average 600 views per day, and depending on the article, this has climbed to 3500 a day on a few occasions, but interestingly enough, not very many comments are left, so I would like to find out what it is that brings you here in the first place and try to make my blog a bit more interactive and appealing to you.
I really have no clue who comes here, and that needs to be changed.
If I have 600+ people taking time out of their day to log on here I would like to know why, and also what it is you like about coming her, and also what it is you don't like. 

Honestly, this blog started out by accident, and everything that you see here,  photography, narrative etc., I do entirely myself. I really had no idea that my two month motorcycle trip up to Oregon 2 years ago to buy a used 41ltr gas tank would turn into this. So at this point, I need some feedback from those who come here about how to make it better, so I want to know from YOU what YOUR definition of better is. 

My little blog here started out as nothing more than a way to photograph and document my trip from Fort Lauderdale in Florida up to Oregon and Alaska, but now has become much more personal and important to me. I put a tremendous amount of time into each post believe it or not, I proof read it and go over it and change each post sometimes 50 -60 times, changing a word here, a sentence there.
I take a lot of pride in writing and publishing these weekly articles of my travels, and am very happy that it's of interest to 500-1000 people per day, and to you I say thank you for very much coming here.
But now it's also becoming a way for me to be able to afford to stay on the road, to help fund expenses by photography sales, contributions, sticker sales and also possible future sponsorship. 
I am also being helped out a lot by Expedition Portal, who are publishing my Mobec Duo-Drive Sidecar Conversion exclusively on the portal, and I also have an ongoing "In Progress" thread there for over a year now. They are a great source of support for me and I thank them for this.
The other website that I get paid to write for is, a monthly article there is a big help, so thank you Nyla and Bandit for the support, it really means a lot to me, and I will always give you the best articles I can produce for your excellent website. 

So,I couldn't find a set of online poll questions that related to what this blog is about, so I'll try to address them all as best I can, if there's something that I don't please add it in your comments.

There are a few simple guidelines for this poll:

#1. Keep it clean and respectful. This is a a family blog, I intend to keep it that way. If you wouldn't let your 10 yr old daughter read your answer, then don't post it here.

2. If you have a critique or a nit pick about something, try to also have a suggestion on how to improve on it. This blog poll is not a way for you to vent at me, but rather a way to for me make this a better blog for you to enjoy.

3. Please leave all comments and suggestions in the comments section below this post rather than in an email to me.
This way the whole process becomes interactive with all the readers and commenters.

4. Don't hold back, but see #1.

Ok, so lets start with what you don't like about the blog, whether it be layout, content, narrative, photography etc. What bothers you.
Then tell me what it you like, what makes you come here once or twice a week.

I would also like to know what it is you would like to see more of, there are many things I have thought about writing about, but I stop myself as I feel like I don't want to clutter up the blog, I want to keep it as a photo journal, but I am realizing that there are folks here who come for more than just the pictures.
For example I was thinking of doing some gear reviews, I have 2 tents I carry, and even though I still have the same motorcycle and camping gear that I started with 2 years ago, I guess I could review it. 
Any thoughts?.

I have also begun a fitness program for myself, having an addictive personality is not easy to control sometimes, especially when it comes to good Dutch or Belgian chocolate, I eat a bar at a time. It's not easy on the road with no access to a gym, so I have to improvise a lot.
I started cycling( since i'm at a location with the use of a bicycle), a little running and my diet plays a big part of staying healthy and in shape. 
Thoughts on this subject?

And anything else you want to add, fire away.

If I get 500 views a day, I would hope and request you take a few minutes more and please leave a comment and give me your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and have the day of your choice,


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