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Starting today, Sunday, July 22, and open or running until Midnight on Thursday, July 26th, I would like to try to find out a little more about you, the readers, who come here and log on to my blog, so today I'm kicking off a survey of sorts.
I have an average 600 views per day, and depending on the article, this has climbed to 3500 a day on a few occasions, but interestingly enough, not very many comments are left, so I would like to find out what it is that brings you here in the first place and try to make my blog a bit more interactive and appealing to you.
I really have no clue who comes here, and that needs to be changed.
If I have 600+ people taking time out of their day to log on here I would like to know why, and also what it is you like about coming her, and also what it is you don't like. 

Honestly, this blog started out by accident, and everything that you see here,  photography, narrative etc., I do entirely myself. I really had no idea that my two month motorcycle trip up to Oregon 2 years ago to buy a used 41ltr gas tank would turn into this. So at this point, I need some feedback from those who come here about how to make it better, so I want to know from YOU what YOUR definition of better is. 

My little blog here started out as nothing more than a way to photograph and document my trip from Fort Lauderdale in Florida up to Oregon and Alaska, but now has become much more personal and important to me. I put a tremendous amount of time into each post believe it or not, I proof read it and go over it and change each post sometimes 50 -60 times, changing a word here, a sentence there.
I take a lot of pride in writing and publishing these weekly articles of my travels, and am very happy that it's of interest to 500-1000 people per day, and to you I say thank you for very much coming here.
But now it's also becoming a way for me to be able to afford to stay on the road, to help fund expenses by photography sales, contributions, sticker sales and also possible future sponsorship. 
I am also being helped out a lot by Expedition Portal, who are publishing my Mobec Duo-Drive Sidecar Conversion exclusively on the portal, and I also have an ongoing "In Progress" thread there for over a year now. They are a great source of support for me and I thank them for this.
The other website that I get paid to write for is, a monthly article there is a big help, so thank you Nyla and Bandit for the support, it really means a lot to me, and I will always give you the best articles I can produce for your excellent website. 

So,I couldn't find a set of online poll questions that related to what this blog is about, so I'll try to address them all as best I can, if there's something that I don't please add it in your comments.

There are a few simple guidelines for this poll:

#1. Keep it clean and respectful. This is a a family blog, I intend to keep it that way. If you wouldn't let your 10 yr old daughter read your answer, then don't post it here.

2. If you have a critique or a nit pick about something, try to also have a suggestion on how to improve on it. This blog poll is not a way for you to vent at me, but rather a way to for me make this a better blog for you to enjoy.

3. Please leave all comments and suggestions in the comments section below this post rather than in an email to me.
This way the whole process becomes interactive with all the readers and commenters.

4. Don't hold back, but see #1.

Ok, so lets start with what you don't like about the blog, whether it be layout, content, narrative, photography etc. What bothers you.
Then tell me what it you like, what makes you come here once or twice a week.

I would also like to know what it is you would like to see more of, there are many things I have thought about writing about, but I stop myself as I feel like I don't want to clutter up the blog, I want to keep it as a photo journal, but I am realizing that there are folks here who come for more than just the pictures.
For example I was thinking of doing some gear reviews, I have 2 tents I carry, and even though I still have the same motorcycle and camping gear that I started with 2 years ago, I guess I could review it. 
Any thoughts?.

I have also begun a fitness program for myself, having an addictive personality is not easy to control sometimes, especially when it comes to good Dutch or Belgian chocolate, I eat a bar at a time. It's not easy on the road with no access to a gym, so I have to improvise a lot.
I started cycling( since i'm at a location with the use of a bicycle), a little running and my diet plays a big part of staying healthy and in shape. 
Thoughts on this subject?

And anything else you want to add, fire away.

If I get 500 views a day, I would hope and request you take a few minutes more and please leave a comment and give me your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and have the day of your choice,



Scott said...

Hi Murph, I always love reading your posts and seeing your photography. I have a few suggestions and comments, from the over 50 perspective that you may consider.

1. Love the opening logo/photo, but it consumes the entire screen and I think some people may not know how to navigate down, as nothing on the opening part is clickable. You may lose a few. Maybe make it a banner style.

2. I am partial to white background blogs, easier to read and cleaner than red on black. This is very much a personal opinion and I may be in the minority.

3. Love the photography... did I say that already? LOL I would remind people that hey can buy your prints through SmugMug.

4. To make this journey more feasible from an economic stand point, I think you need to bring the sponsors up on the right side. Always make sure your links are good, as companies change them. You also need to tell a little more of your story and what you hope to acomplish on this journey to get readers to connect, follow and donate. Probably the toughst part is to ask people to contribute to your dream, but I would look at some of your successful peers and see how they handle it. Make sure donate button is always viewable. And how they can get your stickers. A Cafe Press store, or something like it, to sell Where the hell is Murph stuff? Make it light and funny.

5. The Translate to is not working. If it isn't ready yet, wait before you install.

6. Maybe you could pick a them with navaigation at the top that stays there while one scrolls.

7. I really like that you have added a calendar of plan for the journey. A link to a Map page would be great.

8. The word cloud is a little tough to go through. Maybe I am showing my age, but I like a briefer list of catagories (country names, build, food, BMW, Nikon, landmarks, etc...) Can you add a search box to look for key words in your posts?

9. Last, block together one space where you link your FB, YouTube, RSS, SmugMug, Twitter etc... Also move the interesting other blog links to a separate page for links.

Best regards, Scott

Jaguh said...

Hi Murph, Im Adam Afif from Kuala Lumpur. I found your blog from your interview with some magazine. I think what you are doing is living the dream, I won't have no time to write if I we're living my dream. So it's cool that you could update the blog weekly with your trip and nice photo. I can't find nothing to critique now, have a safe journey murph.

Anonymous said...

Hi Murph,
I visit your blog for:
1. The Photography
2. To dream about what you are doing while I am stuck in an office
3. To hear about your biking expeirinces. I have 2 bikes and 1 sidecar. Therefore any posts having anything to do with the mechanical side are great for me.
4. To admire your courage (to do such things)
Keep it up.

Lasse Brandt said...

Hi Murph,

Just like others, I mostly work a regular nine to five, with wife, kids, dogs etc. - and when time permits I take rides on my VFR750. I love that you are actually doing what many people dream about, it seems like the ultimate bike experience.

On a more technical standpoint, I use RSS to follow your blog - without it, I probably won't remember to check it regularly. But because your entire posts is in the RSS feed I very rarely see your blog - let alone comment (or use it interactively). You could change the RSS to only include a sneak preview of the post and that would guide me to the site. ( I don't use Facebook, Google+ etc. so I won't be interactively there either - but that is probably just me being a special case :) )

One of the things I am missing, is a schedule - I'm not sure if this is because you don't have one? Or just don't maintain it online? I live in Denmark, so in my case I would be specifically interested in when you are going to visit the northern countries. I can see that it is scheduled for 2012 but that is quite a big window :)

Drive safely and whatever you do, don't stop!

Lasse, Denmark

Unknown said...

Scott, great feedback thanks, excellent points which I will start to implement.
Thanks for commenting,


Unknown said...

Hi Adam, thanks for the comment.


Unknown said...

Tony, appreciate the feedback and glad you come here and enjoy.

Safe riding to you,


Unknown said...

Hi Lasse,
Thanks for the feedback. I have changed( I think) the RSS feed to only include part of the post and blog, I hope I did it right.

Regarding a schedule, yes, you are correct, I did not realize that 2012 had so many countries all lumped into 1 year, so another good point for me to change.

And to answer your question I will be riding up from Holland to Germany and in to Denmark this September, I am corresponding on this Danish MC Forum here : and hoping to meet some of the guys there for a coffee and some motorcycle chat. I will stay in Denmark 3 days, maybe 4 as I am heading up to Nordkapp to give the new 2WD Outfit a shake down test run.

Hope we can meet in September Lasse,



ATTW said...

Hey Murph,

I too mostly get to your blog via a RSS feed. It lets me stay on top of what is happening in regards to your situation.

Personally I read for two reasons. First, I am in recovery for addiction. It is nice to see someone else on the same path doing what they love. Second, I hope to get on a motorcycle and tour for as long as possible someday.

Your pictures tell a story.

Your stories tell a story.

Between the lines there is a story.

Keep writing and I will keep reading,


Anonymous said...

Hi Murph,
Great adventure, wonderful pictures thanks ! I found your blog as I'm fan of Mobec 2WD technology, so I'm waiting feedback of your hack !
We're a few GS sidecarists here in France with our basecamp in the Alps, hoping to meet you next year from April/may as you said. Ideally a forecast calendar of your trips would help to know where and when you plan to go. So we could suggest for your stay sidecar or bike events, biker accomodation, places to see... Unless you know exactly where to go and what you intend to do during your trips ?
A suggestion, maybe producing and selling T-shirts, caps... could be a good way to find funds ?
Bonne route et à bientôt !

teekay989 said...

Hi, Murph,
Tony here in Northwestern Michigan. Can't remember how I came across your site, but didn't take me long to decide to bookmark and sign up for your updates. I guess the best answer as to why I like this site is I'm 67, pretty much house bound and am living, at least parttime, vicariously through your blog and photos. So, keep up the good work, ride safely, and I think the t-shirt idea might just work. Oh yes, guess I should add that I have ridden a bit years ago while in the U.S. Navy (64-68), I had a Honda CB 175, that I rode in all kinds of weather, rain and even light snow a couple of times. Not because I wanted to but I was caught away from base and didn't have a choice. Take care.

Todd5081 said...

Afternoon Murph
Thought I would throw in my 2 cents since you are inquiring. I started following you about 9-10 mths ago. The photography grabbed me first but then your stories and travels are definitely entertaining as well. I bought an F800GS 2 years ago and daydream about the 'big trip' one day. Work seems to get in the way these days but maybe one day.....
Until then I'll continue to check up on you and see where you are. I enjoyed your cycling venture while the motorbike was torn down. That is a great way to exercise and see the countryside.
I enjoy what you do and plan to continue watching the big trip.
Enjoy, ride safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Fred, and thanks for taking the time to post a comment, and your continued reading of my blog and what it means to makes me extremely happy. Your comments are extremely revealing to me, I never thought my little blog would mean that much to someone, thank you.

Stay on the clean path Fred, life is better that way.



Unknown said...

Hi anon, yes, I remember your email to me and we WILL meet for sure in the South of France.

I have updated my schedule a little at the top of the blog, 2013 will be next, but I should be coming back from Ireland in May of 2013, arriving in Le Harve and spending a little time there before heading south along the coast, so my best guesstimate to get down south to the Alps would be July/ August, the worst time I guess as thats when EVERYONE is on the road in EU, right?

The T-shirt suggestion I will look into, sounds like a good idea.

Merci Jean-Marc and see you in 2013.


Unknown said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your comments, much appreciated sir. And as a Naturalized Citizen of the U.S., thank you for your service.
Did you ever get busted coming back onto base?. Just curious :-) .
Y'know, when I was a lad in Ireland, big cc bikes, 250cc and over, were few and far between, as Ireland at the time and still does I think, have a road tax based on the engine size, so no one could afford to have a 500 or even a HUGE 750cc bike, so I always remember the CB175 as a BIG bike of my youth, great bike, gold and black right?.

Thanks for writing Tony, means a lot to me to know that I brighten up your day a bit.



Unknown said...

Hey Todd, and appreciate your 2¢, thats what I wanted people to give me in this post.

The F800 would be a perfect bike on a big trip on, especially over here in the EU, it gets really great gas mileage, and with gas at about $9.50 a gl, the 800 would allow you to ride a lot more.

Yea, work and life does get in the way sometimes, I hated that. I made a change, I just hope it was the right one, sometimes I wonder did I shoot myself in the foot though.
I'm still cycling, the build is still another 5 weeks away from being finished, another "Bicycle Diaries" is coming soon on the blog.

Thanks for the continued support,



Fred said...

Hello Murph. I visit for the photography, the stories, and to dream of my next trip (my last one in the US was 37 states and 15,000 miles on an R90/6 airhead).

You can always create a free survey on SurveyMonkey. I've used it for years for business surveys. Personally I do better on multiple choice survey questions, then I do on the essay type.

Happy motoring! -- Fred
Honda Helix 250cc
Kymco People 150cc
Ducati Monster 900cc

Mari said...

Mari, from Berkeley (CA) by way of Berkeley Springs (WV). Am possibly one of the few readers without a bike....

I can't remember how I found your blog (probably through a tweet from @sfslim) but I'm so glad I did! The photos and stories have been fun to follow; living vicariously can be great sometimes. -_^

Not a whole lot to say that hasn't already been said here. I am another of the RSS subscribers, and so haven't seen the site itself much. The red-on-black here is a bit difficult to read, and the banner image is quite large. It's nice to have an update on where you are, but it could also possibly be achieved in less space. Have you looked into using Wordpress? They have a lot of nice out-of-the-box themes that would lend themselves well to the photo-essay posts.

Safe (and fun) travels in Holland and beyond! ^_^

JackAZ Photography said...

I read your posts in my RSS reader so can't comment on the layout of the site. Please don't change this capability. Lately, when a site changes the posting of their RSS feed and force me to click through to their site to reads more than a couple of sentences I unsubscribe. I read your blog because I am no longer able to ride motorcycles and and too chicken to brave the adventures that would surely follow if I would leave the office life. I enjoy the photos, stories of good luck and misfortune, and the general sharing of the adventure you are on.

Randy Johnson said...

Murph, I've been following you for a couple of months. And although I live vicariously through you, I feel a spiritual kinship with you somehow. You have a big open heart that seems to want to do something uplifting for mankind. And we need it bad! Thanks for that.
I'd love to see an archive page. Maybe there is one. I just can't see a way to go back and visit earlier posts.
Any reviews would be great. Bikes, gear, travel ideas, and high on my list, camera and camera gear, and oh, recipes! Please,
Thanks for all you are doing and for asking for our input as well. God Speed to you and happy travels my friend!

Steve said...

I like the commentary, but the white text on the black background is exceptionally difficult to read. It just wears out my 52-year-old eyes. Love the photos and the stories. One in particular that I really liked was about the gent you met who was sitting on a stool polishing his bike. Loved the photos and backstory on him. I also really enjoy seeing and reading about your travels. Keep it up!

Ray the Rat said...

Howdy Murph. Rat here. I'll "keep it simple." (Double entendre intended.)

To quote Rod Stewart, "Every picture tells a story, don't it?"

That's what I like. The photos (great) and the stories (makes 'em even better.)

I don't have any suggestions for change...I think you're doing great. As far as the chocolate...well, we know there are a whole lotta things that are a lot worse. Enjoy every bite.

If ya follow my site, you'll see that my race car is coming back to life. I hope to run 3 events this year. The thought of going fast (and not breakin the car) is very appealing to me. If the stars and planets align, I might even make it to 170 at the Mojave mile. That remains to be seen.

Be safe, bro.


Anonymous said...

Hi Murph, Doug Anderson in North Carolina here;
I was given your blog address a month or so back via another forum. One look and I was hooked as they say.
I think many of us viewers enjoy vicariously your adventure since most will never cut the dock lines and sail away as you have.
I really like the diversity you provide, not just; rode a thousand miles saw a mountain blah blah.
The first piece i read was your meeting the Dutch guy working on his Triumph in a back street and the amazing things you discovered. That was a great piece of writing and the photography outstanding.
Then I read the piece on the day trip with the disadvantaged folks, brought a big smile to my face. Good on ya !!
As a life long motorcyclist ( and of an age ) I am really enjoying your side car build. The engineering is a marvel, can't wait to see the finished product.

Unknown said...

Fred, thanks for the response, insight and info, I'll give Surveymonkey a looksee.

Safe riding,


Unknown said...

Hi Mari,
Thanks for responding.

I actually have a wordpress acc, I set it up as a backup as a while ago Blogger were having issues, but haven't used it yet.
The red on black seems to be an issue with many of the subscribers here, I use that for the site as a black background sets off the images really well, but I may listen to you all and chage it, or at least do a test and see if people like it better.



Massilian said...

Hi Murph, this is Massilian from Marseille, France. A Guzzista.
I read your blog like a great adventure book. A beautiful human story. Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad on wheels. I never started such an adventure as yours but I can feel all the emotions in it. Photos and copy are just great. White type on black isn't that comfortable. That's all the critics I can come up with. Yeah chocolate envy is tough on the man but cheese, bread and wine too, at least if you live in France. Keep going and take care !

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, It's your cousin, Nicola. I pop in and out of your site about twice a month to see where you are and what you're doing these days. I love your site and wish you well. N

Unknown said...

Hi JackAZ, thanks for the feedback.
Ok, so, here's the dilemma I have with going all RSS, it doesn't bring people to the blog, and honestly, thats what I need, at least prospective sponsors need, they need to see traffic to my blog, no traffic, no sponsors. And unfortunately I'm not rich enough to do this trip without sponsorship.
I will see what I can come up with, but to keep me going and keep gas in my tank, I really need people to go to my site and actually click on some links to help me. The more traffic there is, the more chance I have of being able to land a decent sponsor.
I'm glad that you enjoy the photos, and I go to a lot of trouble to take them and publish them, so in return all I ask from readers is click on my blog, I thinks it's fair.



Unknown said...

Hi Randy, wow, your reply blew me away !! Amazing insightfulness you have there. After reading your reply I am sure we have a spiritual connection.
Yes, I do have a desire to do something for humankind, something meaningful to be remembered for, that requires a degree of sacrifice, if everything were easy, the world would be a perfect place, but it's not, and difficult things that require pain and sacrifice are what define who you are as a person.

I will see about the points you bring up, archive, gear, and camera gear. I should do a post on that soon.
And recipes also :-), just got a new stove and espresso maker too.

Thanks Randy, wonderful to read your thoughts, read it 5 times already :-)


Unknown said...

Hi Steve and thanks for the feedback.
The white on black seems to be a problem for more than a few folks, so changes are on the way, again, I will ask you, the readers opinion and give you all a few color options to choose from.

The Bob Casemier story was a beauty for me also, to find him there and uncover a story like that, awesome.



Unknown said...

Rat, good to see you here my sober friend.

Ya, I saw that the car is getting some oxygen, badly needed too. 170, can she do it?.

Wishing you a fast Mojave Mile my friend,


Unknown said...

Hi Doug, and thanks for the feedback.

Yea, diversity, I always wanted to have my blog mirror as close as possible my travels, what I actually saw and did, and in roughly the same time frame too, so when a post goes up, it usually happened in the 5 days or so prior to it going up. And even though I'm a motorcyclist, I never wanted the blog to be only about motorcycles, more about life, people, art, and some of the stuff in between.

The Diomage Handcapped Sidecar Run was a great time, for me and for the folks we brought along for the day.

And the sidecar build is a great piece, or will be when it's finished, should be 4 weeks and then its done.

Thanks for being a regular,


Unknown said...

Nicola !!!!!
Long time no anything !!!!! Your a Mom now too, right?. God, you're still my little cousin to me :-)

I had no idea you even knew of this little bolt of mine, actually, Mum mentioned something about it, but that was last year and it slipped my 3 remaining brain cells.

I will be over there in March next year, I will see you, yes?.

Big hug and kiss,

Your cuz,

Unknown said...

Massilian, welcome here, glad you're following along. Joseph Conrad on wheels, I LOVE it !!!.

The white on black is NOT a favorite with many people, so I will be switching soon, I will be doing a few different templates as a test and offering them up for a vote here.

I will be in Marseille next year, probably around July, I will make you a special "Murph" expresso.



Jim BTW said...

Hi Murph,

Jim from Calgary, Canada.

I honestly don't recall when I came across your blog but it was many moons ago and may have been simply my draw to follow long riders and overlanders, found by web search for associated blogs. I have been interested in adventure travel for over 25 years but somehow life got in the way and a list of Landcruiser, vintage bike and now a landspeed project presently compete with work for my attention. My bike, er, problem got initiated with an injection of Long Way Round amongst other influences and I have read quite the collection of long rider books.

It is very difficult to please some of the people half of the time, so you are indeed a brave man for even asking. I believe it is the mix of subjects, the prose, pictures, insight into your experiences as well as the ever present question posed by the blog's title that makes "Where the hell is Murph?" so interesting. I say, write the blog as it pleases you, by all means change it up now and again and try something different, yet don't try too hard to appeal to the masses and those that care will follow. Like life, people will drift in and out with time.

I presently follow your blog, as others, via RSS feed but am not averse to jumping over to the website to read the whole post, most of which I do in full.

It takes quite the character to accomplish what you have so far and to set one's spirit free. Many of the folks following, like myself, will be living vicariously through your travels until we too take the bull by the horns and overcome our own activation thresholds, perhaps as well, our demons.

Bon voyage!

Yours sincerely,


Massilian said...

GREAT ! Looking forward to taste your expresso. Let me know in advance ! Be glad to help when you are over here.

Anonymous said...

Robbie, Would love to see you next year..... we are hoping to return to the US but unlikely it will be before March. Yes, we have a little boy, Lochlann, he turned six in June. It's been at least 30 years since we met ~ maybe next year we can close that loop! Love, N

Unknown said...

N, send me your email to

Cant believe you have a 6 yr old..........

Unknown said...


Thanks for the detailed reply.

Landspeed project?. Do tell what it is, would love to hear more about that. Unfortunately I won't be back to Bonneville for quite a few years, probably until 2016, I'll miss going there, especially for BUB and World Finals.

You're right of course, it's hard to keep everyone happy, and in the beginning of the blog I didn't care about that aspect of it, I just photographed and wrote, life was simple, end of story. But the dynamics have changed a bit since it started, and now I'm starting to pay attention and care a bit. One of the reasons is that in order to fund a massive and expensive 7 year RTW like this, I need to get some sponsorship, unless I hit the lotto. And in order to do that I need to get a bigger following, but again you're right, write for me, as it's from the heart and not staged.

And again, the RSS feed issue is one that is tricky for me, but I think I'll do a snippet on RSS with a link to "read more" to the blog, again because I need to get my blog stats and views up.

Interesting last paragraph there Jim, hats another bottle of wine my friend.

Thnks for the continued support,


SJE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SJE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SJE said...

Hi Murph,

I come here from time to time because you struck a chord with me in Magdalena, NM. I appreciate who you are, the changes you've made, what you're doing, and thankful for the little yet BIG things that you share with us here! As of recent, I LOVED the photos and stories of the sidecar ride event in Gemert.

I like the photos for their natural beauty, and displays of human comradery and culture. I'm able to sneak a peak into the world beyond my surroundings and am reminded of the awesomeness and realness that happens worldwide...because you made changes and are choosing to share these touching moments with us :-))

Other things I like:

1) Jean-Marc's suggestion of tee-shirts and other paraphernalia (e.g. patches).

2) The espresso idea! Although I think the blog colors are slick (and the black helps the photos to pop), I hear the others on the background/font contrast. Personally, the gray font is easier on my eyes. Throw some new color schemes out and we'll help you decide!

Other suggestions:

1) Post more and varied photos to your smugmug site for perspective buyers.

2) The link list to the right is awkward to navigate through...maybe increasing the subject theme font size would help, or designing a different layout for the links (e.g., a link or two that direct us to a list of your sponsors, etc).

Be well and ride on,

SJE said...

PS, one other thing...YES, I'd be interested in reading your gear reviews, especially since I use similar products in my line of work/recreation.

Sorry about the deleted message clutter above...typos.

Later gator.

Mark said...

Hello Murph - Was late to work this morning because I spent hours last night going through your blog from your latest sidecar project post way back to before you hauled your mum through the western U.S. The story in reverse is a good one, though I wish I'd found you earlier. Love the photos - the satellite field in New Mexico was ridiculous. Also the bike photography from the rallies there in Europe. Loved them. And your story is a great one. I'd recommend you don't stop reminding all of us reading why you're doing what you're doing. I see that you haven't, and won't, but just saying... You've a great story - one of much pain and struggle over some past years - but I think we find more of our true selves borne out of such things. It's really a wonderful thing to see what I assume is more of the honest and real you.

I bought my first bike last year at age 31. Honda Shadow sabre1100. A week later, I took off from Tennessee to the Florida panhandle to camp on the white sands. One 1,000 mile roundtrip over four days was all I needed to know I'll never lose the hook of the wind making it hard to breathe and the roar in my ears. I had to sell my bike to get to Africa earlier this year. I'm building a bar in Uganda (when you stop through in what, three-four years, I'll buy you a coke and we can do a day trip to the Nile river. I hope. Keeping my eyes out for something on two wheels to get me going here again.

Selfishly, I'd like more than one post a week. Feasible on the road? Probably not. Especially with the great photography and editing involved. Site colors, etc, have been discussed. I agree with some of the color scheme sentiment. But I'll keep reading regardless. Thank you.

Good Luck. Be safe.


Unknown said...

Hi Sara,
How you doing out there, still in New Mexico?.

Thank you so much for the heartfelt feedback, it was wonderful to read :-)

So, the T-shirts and paraphernalia I should probably work on, eh?. I am just struggling with doing everything myself, it's getting to the point where I need an assistant to handle that end of things, probably not a bad idea actually.
Help Wanted:
Assistant for wandering motorcycle vagabond.
Criteria: Hmmmm, well......I'll get back to you on that.

And yes, Ithe SmugMug thing, again, it's getting the time to go there hand apply myself to pricing the acc, I hate that end of things.

The link list, I will work on streamlining that.

Gear reviews I was thinking about, I have a few ideas for that when I get to Nordkapp when it's -20 and I'm trying to light my MSR stove. We'll see how it does there.

Great to hear from you Sara, drop me an email, let me know how you really are, ok?.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon this a while ago, read through it and kept reading after that. Why: it's nice and inspiring to see the adventures of someone who's gone a completely different way in life. Takes my mind away from daily (very rewarding but very intense) work and worries. Sort of a reminder "one doesn't need too much to make life worthwhile". And of course love to see "my" country through the eyes of an outsider, although you're still way to far south ;-) The photos are great.

Mark said...

Hey Murph,

I have many of the same reasons as everyone else. I have a Triumph Bonneville, I'm into photography and I love to travel.
You are doing something that I think is fantastic and it gives me inspiration to get out on the bike as much as possible and to just travel as much as possible.

Keep up the good work with the blogs and the photos!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments, glad I transport you away for a bit.
And no, one doesn't need too much t make the journey worthwhile, my point of this whole 7 yr journey to begin with.

Thanks for following along,

De beste,


Unknown said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for commenting, appreciate the sentiments.

Be safe,


X_FISH said...

I have just stumbled over »A Man, A Motorcycle & A Mission: The Downshift Episode 18« on YT. That led me here. Took me a lot of time to click me through some of the pages, reading and looking at the pictures.

I think it will take some weeks until I have even seen 50% of the content already uploaded. And I am looking forward to it. :)

Greetings from the south of Germany, Martin

Unknown said...


Thanks for writing.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog. I will be in Germany in September on the way to Denmark, I will be stopping off in Hanburg and heading over for a visit to berlin.