Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grand Teton WY to Ketchum Idaho.

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It was nice sharing a campfire and food with Dwight.He`s a real easy going guy,a seasoned motorcycle traveller.He`s had the same cooking stove with him for 20 years now.
We packed up camp in the morning from Lizard Creek and decided to head up to Yellowstone where we would go our separate ways.If you log on here Dwight,I hope the rest of your journey goes well.

Leaving the Grand Teton.

We said our goodbyes and I headed up to see Old Faithfull.

When I was back in Jackson Hole,I bought a National Parks Pass,and I was glad I did.For $80,it`s a great deal if you are going to do 4 or more parks.

Of all the Parks in all the towns........

On the way to see Old Faithfull I stopped off and jumped into a phone booth and did a quick change into my "Tourista" outfit.When in Rome,right?.
Old Faithfull even has it`s own webcam.
And thar she blows shipmates.
I didn`t take too many pictures in Yellowstone because to be honest i wasn`t too impressed.Maybe I needed to spend more time there,or maybe I just took the wrong route,but I really preferred the Tetons better,plus Yellowstone is very very touristy(is that a word?),and at this time of the year it`s RV central,so I got on my trusty steed and headed west and south to Idaho Falls on the way to Ketchum.
But I got some nice pictures before I left.

This guy happened to cross my path.
As I took this picture the engine was running and I was ready to bolt at a moments notice.He looked a little hungry.

I stayed on 20 West through Idaho Falls and down to Arco and Carey.Going across Craters of The Moon National Monument was hot,very hot.

And long.

Here`s another picture which shows a completely different angle.

And one more for the road........(Doh!)

This will tell you how quiet and desolated this stretch of road is,it took about 10 minutes to set up this shot,and not a single car passed by.

The road to Sawtooth campground.

Room with a view.

Across the valley.

Oh,and I`ve also picked out a house in Ketchum for myself,here`s a picture of it.
Don`t worry,i`ll keep you all in the loop as to when the house warming festivities will be.

As has been the way on this trip so far,I left making plans back at home along with my watch,and things have really worked out wonderfully.
I`ve met some interesting and very helpfull people.Ketchum was no exception.The bike and it`s long distance look garners attention,and people just want to come over and talk about the bike and where I`m coming from.When they find out where  i`ve travelled from and am travelling to,it brings out the boy scout in them. Manys a simple "where are you coming from" conversation starter has ended up with me being the reciepient of their hospitality for the night.It`s kinda neat.In Ketchum,George Rizzo came over and started a conversation with me,which ended up with an invitation to join him on a fly fishing afternoon.I had to decline that day,but we`ll keep in touch and if I come through on the way back,i`ll be knee deep in the river trying to get some speckled Trout to play with me.

And along the way....



Shine on Marina said...

Rocking that digital now! Simply Majestic stuff. Don't come back to swarmy hot rainy Florida. Stay out there boy scout Murph.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey. I am back from DEath Valley - love the pics and narrative. drive safely. m2