Friday, July 16, 2010

Steamboat Springs CO to Jackson Hole WY.

A wee electrical problem delayed my departure from Steamboat.What I thought was a simple matter of replacing a rear turn signal bulb turned into pulling the wiring apart on the turn signals due to a short which resulted in the bulbs being fried into the plastic housings.5 hours and some open heart surgery,a few bulbs and I had the rear rewired.It was after 2 in the afternoon so I stayed over at Petes another night and headed out at 6:30 am the next morning for Jackson WY.Again,the ride was spectacular.

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I`ve started to get into a routine of getting up at around 5am,make my campground coffee,pack the bike and on the road by 6-6:30.There`s something very peacefull riding at the break of dawn,usually i`m alone on the road as I take back roads,not Interstates.

Along the way I picked out (my)!! new house.

They have some really nice hills around these parts.

It wasn`t a full days ride,about 400 miles,so I got there in the afternoon.

I headed up to the north side of Jackson to a campground by the Tetons.
They have some more nice hills there too !!.

A little local fauna.

set up camp,then headed off to Albertsons for supplies,a nice chicken salad for dinner,a little 72% Dark Chocolate(is there any other?),some fresh bluberries for breakfast after coffee,
and back to camp I went.
Later on that evening Dwight rolled in from Mass.,on week three of a six week trip.
We chatted about routes,places,campgrounds,and figured out we were headed in the same direction  as far as Lizard Creek Campground just south of Yellowstone.
This campground is seriously awesome.

It`s right at the top of the Grand Teton,so the scenery is jaw dropping.

This was as close as I could get to this Elk before it heard me and bolted.

Ok,thats it for this installment.Thanks to all for checking in and leaving a comment.Next i`ll be heading up into Yellowstone National Park,take a peek at Old Faithfull and head over to the Sun Valley/Ketchum area in Idaho where there`s a few good campgrounds that are free.


Linda said...

What AWSOME photos, and I love the "new house". It suits you well. I'm so glad you decided to do this for yourself. Keep up the good work.

Heather said...

I knew you would LOVE the Tetons. Its one of my favorite places. Enjoy the west. A simple thank you on your way back will suffice for your route advice:)
Please come back through, if you can. There's tons to explore and see.
Have fun!