Monday, September 13, 2010

BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials 2010 Day 5...

The last day of the Speed Trials everyone was scrambling to try to get their last runs in to try and make their speeds.
Some people made it and some didn`t,consoling themselves with the fact that next year was only 361 days away...........
In fact Max Lambky on his website Vincent Streamliner has a BUB countdown clock to let us all know how many months,days,hours,minutes and seconds are left `till BUB.For some it`s the highlight of their year,and with the experiences i`ve had and the wonderfull people i`ve met at BUB 2010,it`s no wonder why it`s top of these LSR Racers "To Do" list.
I`m going to finish up with a collection of pictures of bikes and people from the whole event,and give a big thank you to Bud Schmitt for giving me the Crew Chief position,a big hello to all the folks that I met throughout the event who were gracious enough to give me their time for pictures and in some cases interviews,and to all the people who continue to follow me on this Blog,thanks for staying on and see you all next year at BUB 2011.


I`ll start off with this absolutely gorgeous Turbo Indian(did I mention I have a thing for `em)?.The lines,the colors,the stance,that low tuck position,I was drawn back,nay sucked in to photograph this bike all thru the event..................I`m in Love...................again.

Ok,where was I...........oh yea,the other bikes......

A really nice H-D Twin...

..and this awesome Honda Twin Sidecar,beautifully done.

Mandatory Riders Meeting,7am.

....the "Other Woman".....

...and her English lover.

..and the Bavarian hippie.

"Peg Leg" Craig Anderson.

Scotty boy.......

Greg Waters from Australia on a 750 GSXR had the time of the meet."How Fast" I hear you ask?.Check out his time slip next pic...

.....I know !!!!!.From a 750 no less ......
Good job Greg,see ya next year.

Another bitchin Indian......Good God man,they`re everywhere.

Check out the date and speed on that brass time plaque.Awesome.
And,it`s his daily driver/touring bike !!!.

Tech Steward Drew Gatewood.
When your bike makes a record run it goes straight to Impound,where Drew measures the motor after you do this......

Thats it for me........I`m outa here folks.
There will be one more BUB post,a "Caption This Picture"photo contest.

Be Well,Ride Safe


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