Tuesday, September 14, 2010

USFRA World Of Speed 2010,...

So if you remember from this post that i said that I didn`t think that Max Lambky would remember the BMW riding Irishman........Wrong.
Not only did he remember me,but when he turned up at the "Bend in the Road" where i`m camped,he hired me as pit crew !!!.
So now i`m part of the Lambky Liner Black Lightning crew....
This is a dream come true for me,especially now,when it`s possible that this time it could break some records.
Today was myself and Max getting the liner to the pits,then some workstation setup,then it was teardown  to replace a cracked rear brake rotor and installing a new clutch basket that Max made after the last one malfunctioned.

 Max  lambky,who started this project over twenty years ago.

Hard to believe that i`m working on the worlds most famous and only Twin Engined Vincent Streamliner.

Anyway,there are some really serious record breaking Land Speed Racing machines already showing up.

So,posts may be a little late due to the fact that i`m not a spectator at this event,but i`ll be sure to take plenty of pics.
Max said the liner is geared to run in the 300 mph speed,so if that happens i`ll be part of LSR history.Here`s hoping,not only for me but especially for Max,who`s been waiting a long time to see his "Black Lightning" reach the speeds it was built for.


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